Top 12 Beaches In San Jose, California 2023 With Address

Beaches in San Jose take place on the list of best and finest beaches in California.

World’s tech hub San Jose also has a variety of beaches and different attractions that you do not want to miss if you are in San Jose, CA.

By considering various factors, we come across a complete list of the best beaches in San Jose right now.

Beaches near San Jose can be the best place for family vacations and group tours. We also provide every beach’s address for your convenience.

Beaches In San Jose

beaches in san jose
Beaches In San Jose 2023

Here is the list of top beaches in San Jose:

  1. Carmel City Beach
  2. Shark Fin Beach
  3. Monterey Municipal Beach
  4. Santa Cruz Main Beach
  5. Año Nuevo State Park
  6. Capitola Beach
  7. Natural Bridges State Beach
  8. Gray Whale Cove
  9. Marina State Beach
  10. Waddell Creek Beach
  11. Pescadero State Beach
  12. San Gregorio State Beach

1. Carmel City Beach

carmel city beach
Carmel City Beach

Carmel City Beach comes at the top of San Jose’s best beaches because this park offers a variety of activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Scuba diving, surfing, kayaking, and more physical activities are now available on Carmel City Beach for visitors.

Carmel City Beach is a white sand beach located on California Central Coast. This famous beach is surrounded by cypress trees, which keep the sand cool on sunny days.

For getting the best beach experiences by hiking, Carmel City Beach has a well-maintained Scenic Path.

Carmel City Beach also does not forget about dog lovers because this park is dog-friendly. So, do not forget about your little friend to bring to Carmel City Beach with you.

In the state of California, Carmel City Beach is also famous for both weddings and rehearsal dinners for brides and grooms.

Restrooms and parking are free in Carmel City Beach, which is really convenient for visitors.

Address: Ocean Ave and Scenic Rd Carmel, California 93923, United States

2. Shark Fin Beach

shark fin beach
Shark Fin Beach

Shark Fin Beach is also known as Shark Fin Cove, which is best for photography. Shark Fin Beach is already a popular Instagrammed place in California.

But, Shark Fin beach is still not a very well-known beach in San Jose, California.

The name history of this beach you are going to realize right after you go to Shark Fin Beach.

Shark Fin Cove is located in the small city of Davenport. Heading to Highway 1 south of the city, you can find turnout for this beach.

This beach is far from the Highway, and there are no signs or anything, that’s why you can easily miss this wonderful beach. But, you can see some cars parking on the right side of Highway 1.

You need to walk 0.3 miles to Shark Fin beach from Highway, but the road is straight, so walking won’t be a problem.

To capture your best moments and photography, bring your camera. Shark Fin beach is often full of visitors in summer, especially on weekends.

Address: Shark Fin Cove, Davenport, California 95017, United States

3. Monterey Municipal Beach

monterey municipal beach
Monterey Municipal Beach

Monterey Municipal Beach is a small beach that is situated in the heart of Monterey city. Monterey Municipal Beach is also known as Monterey city beach.

For the calm water of Monterey Municipal beach, you can get the maximum experience of kayaking, swimming, scuba diving and more activities that you like the most.

The owner of Monterey Municipal beach is now the Monterey City, so the beach area is totally free for visitors.

Volleyball courts, restrooms, fishing, and also kayak rentals are available on Monterey Municipal beach.

Window on the Bay Park is located on Monterey Municipal beach; you should visit it if you go to this beach.

Enjoy biking or walking on the paved trail that is also in Monterey Municipal beach area.

Address: 201 Municipal Wharf 2 Monterey, California 93940, United States

4. Santa Cruz Main Beach

santa cruz main beach
Santa Cruz Main Beach

Santa Cruz Main Beach is not only the best beach in San Jose but also in  Northern California.

To get a full beach experience with a variety of amenities, Santa Cruz Main Beach is the best place you can go.

The famous boardwalk and amusement park make Santa Cruz Main Beach more popular in the state of California.

Santa Cruz Main Beach is also referred to as Boardwalk Beach in the local community.

From kids to the elderly, Santa Cruz Main Beach is the perfect place for experiencing beach life and exploring a variety of activities like sunbathing, swimming, walking, kayaking, fishing, and more.

For group tours or family destinations, Santa Cruz Main Beach is now one of the best beach for Californians.

24 hours and 7 days a week, the lifeguard’s active service keeps Santa Cruz Main Beach safer for kids.

Santa Cruz Main Beach stays crowded most of the time, especially on sunny days.

Santa Cruz Main Beach’s pet policy does not allow dogs on the beach. There are no dog amenities available in this park.

Address: 399 Beach St Santa Cruz, California 95060, United States

5. Año Nuevo State Park

año nuevo state park
Año Nuevo State Park

Año Nuevo State Park is going to give you wildlife and sea life both experiences in one place.

To see sea lions, sharks, deep-sea creatures and birds, Año Nuevo State Park is always one of the best places in California.

Non-reservable picnic areas with restrooms for visitors are available in Año Nuevo State Park

Año Nuevo State Park also features exhibits and programs like the Marine Education Center, history exhibit, and theater in its area.

Año Nuevo State Park arranges self-guided tours and equal access seal tours to bring people to sea life.

The paid parking area is also available in Año Nuevo State Park because parking fees support the parking and beach area to develop and be accessible to visitors.

Within a few months, Año Nuevo State Park is also going to open field trips for school groups.

Address: 1543 Pacific Ave., Suite 206, Santa Cruz, California 95060, United States

6. Capitola Beach

capitola beach
Capitola Beach

Capitola Beach is a charming little beach in San Jose, California. The multi-colourful wall of hotels, homes, boutiques and restaurants surrounds this beach.

For the exhibition, Capitola Beach has a good reputation in the local area of Capitola, California.

Art shows, twilight concerts, movies and live music keep Capitola Beach more enjoyable and make it more lively.

Capitola Beach is only a sandy beach, so you don’t find any rocks or anything.

This beach has already become a trendy instagrammable place for the multi-colour building around the beach area.

Volleyball, fishing, surfing, bird watching and more special activities are always on Capitola Beach for visitors.

But, Capitola Beach is not a dog-friendly beach, so you must leave your dog at home.

Only limited street parking areas are available in Capitola Beach, but restrooms and showers are available.

Address: San Jose Ave and Esplanade Capitola, California 95010, United States

7. Natural Bridges State Beach

natural bridges state beach
Natural Bridges State Beach

Natural Bridges State Beach offers everything you want to do in the beach area.

Californians make it the most photographed beach in California. Not only for photography, but Natural Bridges State Beach also offers exhibitions and lots of amenities.

The picnic area with BBQ place at Natural Bridges State Beach meets your vacation or trip expectations.

Natural Bridges State Beach is a popular beach that has a wide sandy area where you might feel crowded.

Tide pools at Natural Bridges State Beach are going to keep your kids more entertaining throughout the beach trip.

In Natural Bridges State Beach, you also find a 65-acre state park to enjoy a decent moment of your trip.

Explore Natural Bridges State Beach’s hiking trail with bikes or walking, but dogs are not allowed.

When you are planning for a family weekend getaway, put Natural Bridges State Beach on your list because this beach is best for family and kids.

Parking at Natural Bridges State Beach is free, and lifeguard facilities are also there.

 Address: 2531 W Cliff Dr Santa Cruz, California 95060, United States

8. Gray Whale Cove

gray whale cove
Gray Whale Cove

Whether you call it Gray Whale Cove or Gray Whale Cove State Beach, that is also by Highway 1.

California’s famous coastal promontory “Devils Slide” and Gray Whale Cove State Beach is nearby.

Finding Gray Whale Cove State Beach becomes easy for you because this beach is just south of Devils Slide if you know where Devils Slide is.

Gray Whale Cove is surrounded by trails and abrupt cliffs that are connected to nearby Montara Mountain and McNee Ranch State Park.

Often we find Gray Whale Cove State Beach crowded and free so you can enjoy your time in silence and peace.

But, Gray Whale Cove has several rules and regulations, such as dogs, drones, and beach fires are prohibited.

Lifeguards are not available in Gray Whale Cove State Beach, so you must ensure the proper safety for yourself.

Address: Half Moon Bay, California 94019, United States

9. Marina State Beach

marina state beach
Marina State Beach

Marina State Beach is a protected beach on Monterey Bay that is located in Monterey County, California.

Young adventurers are going to love Marina State Beach for this beach’s high waves and plenty of free areas with fewer gatherings of people.

Marina State Beach is just below Monterey County’s high rugged dunes, so this beach can also be an ideal place for a family vacation.

From surfing to hang gliding, most of the common sea life activities are available in Marina State Beach.

Hiking lovers love to watch wildlife and nature by going to the Dune Nature Trail in Marina State Beach.

Marina State Beach does not allow dogs on the beach area, and beach visitors need to park their vehicles on the street.

Address: 1 Reservation Rd Marina, California – 93933, United States

10. Waddell Creek Beach

waddell creek beach
Waddell Creek Beach

Waddell Creek Beach is another wide sandy and beautiful beach in San Jose.

Waddell Creek Beach is also known as Waddell State Beach, which is located in Santa Cruz County.

For beach activities and amenities, Waddell Creek Beach has a vogue all over the state of California.

Waddell State Beach is part of California’s biggest state park, Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

Among other beaches on Highway 1, Waddell Creek Beach is one of them.

Windsurfing, kiteboarding, equestrian use, backpacking, driftwood, bodyboarding, birdwatching, fishing, and more activities you can experience on Waddell Creek Beach.

In the Waddell State Beach area, hikers have several trails and campgrounds for enjoying the beach.

There are no fees for Waddell State Beach area, and restroom facilities are there.

Address: 3600 Highway 1 Davenport, California – 95017, United States

11. Pescadero State Beach

pescadero state beach
Pescadero State Beach

Pescadero State Beach is a famous picnic area known as Sand Beach (USGS) in the town of Pescadero.

The whole area of Pescadero State Beach has dunes, tide pools and rocky cliffs, which allow you to explore beach life from different angles.

Pescadero State Beach also features over a 1-mile long shoreline where visitors run and play with friends and family.

Free parking areas, restrooms, and hike trails meet your every requirement for a beach experience.

Pescadero State Beach does not allow dogs on the beach area, and you must follow the pet policy.

Address: Cabrillo Hwy San Gregorio, California – 94074, United States

12. San Gregorio State Beach

san gregorio state beach
San Gregorio State Beach

San Gregorio State Beach is located in San Mateo County near Silicon Valley.

In summer, San Gregorio State Beach has become one of the popular attractions in San Jose, California.

Especially, San Gregorio State Beach’s picnic area brings thousands of visitors every year.

San Gregorio State Beach’s entryway is surrounded by small cliffs, making this beach more beautiful.

San Gregorio State Beach offers free parking lots and restrooms for beach visitors.

Among many amenities, hiking, beachcombing, birdwatching, and beach walking are most popular.

Address: La Honda Rd and Cabrillo Hwy San Gregorio, California 94074, United States

Final Words

Most beaches in San Jose are white sandy, where you can bring your friends and family to experience beach life.

Some of the popular San Jose beaches are famous all over the state of California.

Santa Cruz Main Beach, Pescadero State Beach, and Shark Fin Beach are the most well known.

Most beaches in San Jose have huge visitors in summer, but it goes down in winter.

Every beach has its own beach area rules; that’s why to make sure you follow them right.

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