The 14 Best And Safest Ziplines In California 2023

The best ziplines in California are suitable for all ages and all levels of experience. You can find several ziplining in California, from the bay area to the mountains.

The state of California is the best for ziplining compared to other states in the nation.

From my ziplining experience, I listed some of the best ziplines in California. I listed both areas’ zip lines if you are looking for the best ziplining in Southern or Northern California.

Most zip lines in California also offer ziplines for kids, so your children also experience ziplining.

You should know that every zipline has its own rules for ziplining, requirements, and fees; that’s why contact with them before going might help you.

Best Zipline In California

best zipline in california
Best Zipline In California 2023

Best ziplines in California:

  1. Skull Canyon Ziplines
  2. Moaning Cavern Adventure Park
  3. Quarry Park Adventures
  4. San Diego Zoo Safari Park
  5. Ziplines at Pacific Crest
  6. Orange County Ropes Course
  7. Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour
  8. Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks
  9. Sonoma Canopy Tours
  10. Margarita Adventures
  11. La Jolla Zip Zoom Zipline
  12. Tree Top Sac
  13. Mount Hermon Adventures
  14. Mother Lode River Center

1. Skull Canyon Ziplines

skull canyon ziplines
Skull Canyon Ziplines In Corona, California

By offering various opportunities and amenities, Skull Canyon Ziplines has become one of the most popular and the best zipline in California.

Skull Canyon Ziplines has different types of zipline courses for people of all ages.

Original, Extreme, Speed Run and Monster zipline courses are available at Skull Canyon Ziplines, so you can choose the zipline adventure course that you are capable of.

From 80ft to 300ft above the ground, zip lines are ready to carry to Skull Canyon Ziplines.

Skull Canyon Ziplines’ Monster zipline course has over 9,100 feet of cable, which is the longest zipline in California.

Original is the kids-friendly zipline course that is only 80ft above the ground and only 2,800 feet of cable that is suitable for kids.

When you have a better ziplining experience, Skull Canyon Ziplines has a Monster zipline course that applies to your experience.

If you are ziplining for the first time, I suggest you take the Speed Run course at Skull Canyon Ziplines because it’s beginner friendly, and this course has only 1,700 feet of cable.

To zipline in any course in Skull Canyon Ziplines, you must make a reservation before coming.

Wearing closed-toe shoes is required to zipline at Skull Canyon Ziplines. Sky gym is another amenity in Skull Canyon Ziplines.

  • Address: 13540 Temescal Canyon Rd, Corona, California 92883, United States
  • Website:
  • Prices: Original Course – $89.99, Extreme Course – $119.99, Monster Course – $159.99, Speed Run Course – $39.99.
  • Contact Number: +1 951-471-0999

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2. Moaning Cavern Adventure Park

moaning cavern adventure park
Moaning Cavern Adventure Park In Vallecito, California

Moaning Cavern Adventure Park features a solutional cave and ziplining for its visitors.

Moaning Cavern Adventure Park is situated in Calaveras County, California, and Moaning Cavern was discovered in 1851.

Moaning Cavern Adventure Park includes ziplining as another special feature in their cave tour.

A cave tour by zipline is the most astonishing and unique experience that you can have only in Moaning Cavern Adventure Park.

Moaning Cavern Adventure Park offers 1,500 feet of cable zipline that is suitable for everyone.

Depending on the season, the zipline prices changed at Moaning Cavern Adventure Park. In winter, Moaning Cavern Adventure Park gives a discount on ziplining.

You do not need to make a reservation for ziplining in Moaning Cavern Adventure Park.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Moaning Cavern Adventure Park remains closed, so avoid visiting both days.

To me, ziplining in Moaning Cavern Adventure Park is a little expensive, but it’s worth experiencing.

  • Address: 5350 Moaning Cave Rd, Vallecito, California 95251, United States
  • Website:
  • Prices: Per Person – $50
  • Contact Number: +1 209-736-2708

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3. Quarry Park Adventures

quarry park adventures
Quarry Park Adventures In Rocklin, California

Quarry Park Adventures zipline is located in the city of Rocklin, California. Quarry Park is a popular family and kids-friendly destination.

From my experience, Quarry Park Adventures has the safest ziplining in the state of California, which is called Big Gun Giant Zips.

Quarry Park also offers rock climbing, aerial adventure, free fall, paddle boats, rappelling, and also via Ferrata with the zipline.

In Quarry Park Adventures, you are going to find a zip line that is over 60 feet above the ground and goes 30 miles per hour.

Quarry Park also has a side-by-side design zipline, so you can also zipline with your friends or family members.

Your weight must be between 70lbs to 250lbs to zipline in Quarry Park Adventures.

Fortunately, Quarry Park Adventures stays open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For a day trip with your kids, you can choose Quarry Park Adventures because this park has many things to offer for kids.

  • Address: 5373 Pacific St, Rocklin, California 95677, United States
  • Website:
  • Prices: Gold Adventure Ticket – $89 and Granite Adventure Ticket – $69
  • Contact Number: (916) 824-1680

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4. San Diego Zoo Safari Park

san diego zoo safari park
San Diego Zoo Safari Park In Escondido, California

San Diego Zoo Safari Park is a famous attraction in California. San Diego Zoo Safari Park is primarily a zoo where you can do and experience various things.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park currently hosts over three thousand animals in its 7.3 km area.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s zipline is 130 feet above the ground, and you are going to fly 2/3 of a mile.

The astonishing view of San Diego Zoo Safari Park from the zipline keeps coming to this place over and over again.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park has two zipline courses; one is Flightline Safari which is 1 hour long, and another one is Deluxe Flightline Safari which is 1.5 hours long.

The Flightline Safari zipline course costs less than the Deluxe Flightline Safari zipline course.

Age under eight children cannot zipline in San Diego Zoo Safari Park. And weight limitation is between 60lbs to 300lbs.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park zipline is available all week, and you must wear closed-toed shoes before ziplining.

  • Address: 15500 San Pasqual Valley Rd, Escondido, California 92027, United States
  • Website:
  • Prices: Flightline Safari – $77, Deluxe Flightline Safari – $89
  • Contact Number: 619-718-3000

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5. Ziplines At Pacific Crest

ziplines at pacific crest
Ziplines At Pacific Crest In Wrightwood, California

Ziplines At Pacific Crest is another best zipline in California where you can have ziplining all day long.

Ziplines At Pacific Crest is located in California’s census-designated place in Wrightwood. From Los Angeles, Ziplines at Pacific Crest is 70 miles away.

You must check out Ziplines At Pacific Crest for thrilling zipline adventure because they have the two most adventurous zipline courses.

Ziplines At Pacific Crest staff are really friendly and have appropriate trains to handle any situation.

Ziplines At Pacific Crest has a total of three zipline courses or tours for visitors.

First the Mountain View Tour zipline course, where you will go speed up to 55mph, 1100 feet long, and 150 ft above the ground.

The best thing about the Canopy Tour zipline course is that it is 3.5 hours long, 1500 ft long, and 300 ft above the ground.

Ziplines At Pacific Crest’s Ultimate All Day Zipline Adventure course is for the whole day.

Every course in Ziplines At Pacific Crest has a different price range, and prices also vary on days of the week.

  • Address: 6014 Park Dr, Wrightwood, California 92397, United States
  • Website:
  • Prices: Canopy Tour – $155, Mountain View Tour – $119, and All Day Zipline Adventure – $269
  • Contact Number: +1 760-705-1003

6. Orange County Ropes Course

orange county ropes course
Orange County Ropes Course In Anaheim, California

Orange County Ropes Course is located in the city of Anaheim, which is in Orange County, California.

Orange County Ropes Course is one of the oldest zipline in California that was established in 1987.

To explore more than just ziplining, you should go to Orange County Ropes Course because this place has more for you.

At Orange County Ropes Course, you can learn canyoneering skills through training, and also they have several rope sports for all ages people.

Orange County Ropes Course zipline is 60 feet higher than the ground, and the time duration is 1.5 hours.

For more outdoor enthusiasts, Orange County Ropes Course also offers classes for wall climbing and abseiling.

Orange County Ropes Course hosts birthday parties for small groups of people for kids that can be more entertaining.

Every day from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Orange County Ropes Course welcomes its guests.

  • Address: Canyon RV Park, Anaheim, California 92808, United States
  • Website:
  • Prices: Zipline course – $25 per person
  • Contact Number: +1 714-616-1026

7. Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour

catalina island zip line eco tour
Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour In Avalon, California

Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour, also known as Zip Line Eco Tour, is located in Avalon town, California.

From Los Angeles, Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour is about 22 miles south. Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour is situated in the middle of Catalina Island.

Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour is one of the best ziplining in Southern California.

Among all ziplines in the bay area, Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour is the most adventurous and challenging also.

Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour includes a zipline that is 600 feet above the ground and at 35 mph speed.

Zip Line Eco Tour ziplining time duration is 2 hours, and the maximum weight is 240 lbs.

Fortunately, Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour is available year-round, so you visitors can zipline any time they want. Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour area does not allow pets.

Catalina Island is full of activities and ambiance, so you can come to this place as a family destination to explore more.

  • Address: 1 St Catherine Way, Avalon, California 90704, United States
  • Website:
  • Prices: Zipline course – $148 per person
  • Contact Number: +1 800-626-1496

8. Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks

tahoe treetop adventure parks
Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks In Tahoe City, California

Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks has the best zipline course for kids and also for adults.

Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks is located in the town of Tahoe City, California.

With a zipline course, you can also participate in rope swings, wobbly bridges, swinging logs, and cargo nets at Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks.

From beginner to advanced, Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park’s zipline changes everyone.

Especially for kids, Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks offers various activities behind the zipline.

Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks stays open every day from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

  • Address: 725 Granlibakken Rd, Tahoe City, California 96145, United States
  • Website:
  • Prices: Zipline course – $69 per person
  • Contact Number: +1 530-807-1004

9. Sonoma Canopy Tours

sonoma canopy tours
Sonoma Canopy Tours In Occidental, California

Sonoma Canopy Tours is the best ziplining in Northern California that is into the redwood forest.

Ziplining in Sonoma Canopy Tours is going to give you a magnificent view of the forest and mountain.

Sonoma Canopy Tours has seven ziplines, so you can soar with your small group of friends or family.

The zipline is over 1,500 feet long and 250 feet above the forest floor, giving you maximum adventurous challenges.

The top speed of every zipline course is 30 MPH which is safe and enough for beginners to advanced zipliners.

Sonoma Canopy Tours also has sky bridges that are also 110 feet higher from the ground and a thrilling rappel for guests.

Sonoma Canopy Tours has three zipline courses: Tree Tops Tour, Forest Flight Tour, and Night Flight Tour.

From Monday to Sunday, Sonoma Canopy Tours zipline welcomes all guests.

  • Address: 6250 Bohemian Hwy, Occidental, California 95465, United States
  • Website:
  • Prices: Tree Tops Tour Course – $139, Forest Flight Tour Course – $119, and Night Flight Tour Course – $149
  • Contact Number: +1 888-494-7868

10. Margarita Adventures

margarita adventures
Margarita Adventures In Santa Margarita, California

Margarita Adventures is a family-owned tour operator group in the town of Santa Margarita, California.

They feature various tours, but the Margarita Adventures zipline tour is special.

Margarita Adventures has six ziplines that soar over mountains, vineyards, and valleys.

Margarita Adventures’ six ziplines courses are The Double Barrel, The Renegade, The Woodlander, The Hilltopper, The Archway, The Pinot Express, and Suspension Bridge.

Every zipline course in Margarita Adventures park is going to give you a different experience and pleasure.

Among all the different zipline courses in Margarita Adventures, I suggest you do the Double Barrel zipline.

The Double Barrel zipline is the 2,800-foot line, and you can soar with another friend or family member.

The Renegade zipline course offers a 1,200 feet line while you step off from the tall hillside and land on the oak-studded flanks of the Santa Lucia Mountains.

Every day from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., you can zipline in Margarita Adventures.

And don’t forget to get the experience of other tour packages that Margarita Adventures have.

  • Address: 22719 El Camino Real, Santa Margarita, California 93453, United States
  • Website:
  • Prices: Adults – $84, Youths – $64, and Ride Along – $40
  • Contact Number: +1 805-438-3120

11. La Jolla Zip Zoom Zipline

la jolla zip zoom zipline
La Jolla Zip Zoom Zipline In Pauma Valley, California

La Jolla Zip Zoom Zipline offers the longest zipline in Southern California. In La Jolla Zip Zoom Zipline, you can camp and spend your weekend.

The mountain view from the sky attracts more guests to do ziplining in La Jolla Zip Zoom Zipline.

La Jolla Zip Zoom Zipline has three zipline courses at different prices. La Jolla Zip Zoom Zipline has a maximum speed of 55 MPH.

Interestingly, guests do not need to hike for ziplining; La Jolla Zip Zoom Zipline has trucks that bring you to the top of the mountain at the zipline point.

La Jolla Zip Zoom Zipline weight limitation range is 65 lbs to 276 lbs. This zipline place also cares about safety more than any other ziplines in California.

You are going to wear full-body hammock-style harnesses that keep you safe in the sky.

From Tuesday to Thursday, La Jolla Zip Zoom Zipline remains closed, but on other days of the week, they open at 8 a.m. and close at 4:30 p.m.

  • Address: 22000 CA-76, Pauma Valley, California 92061, United States
  • Prices: Per Ride – $99. Group of Four – $299
  • Contact Number: +1 760-742-8754

12. Tree Top Sac

tree top sac
Tree Top Sac In West Sacramento, California

Tree Top Sac is more than just a ziplining spot; this place also offers various adventure sports for kids to adults.

I always suggest Tree Top Sac for kids because this place has everything that your children can explore.

Especially, the Evening Climbs course can give you a beautiful ziplining experience.

Sky brigade and climbing are the most popular adventurous courses at Tree Top Sac.

You can get a season pass for incall or your full family. Tree Top Sac also has a daily pass option for all people.

Tree Top Sac stays open every day from Monday to Sunday, but opening and closing times can vary on days.

  • Address: 1300 Lake Washington Blvd, West Sacramento, California 95691, United States
  • Website:
  • Prices: Season Passes – $285, Daily Passes – $59
  • Contact Number: +1 916-857-4300

13. Mount Hermon Adventures

mount hermon adventures
Mount Hermon Adventures In Felton, California

Mount Hermon Adventures is a tour operator in Felton (Census-designated place), California.

Redwood Canopy Tour is the most popular zipline course that Mount Hermon Adventures offers.

Sequoia Aerial Adventure is another zipline course in Mount Hermon Adventures.

There are six zip lines in the Redwood Canopy Tour course and 150 feet high, so you will get the full experience.

On the other hand, the Sequoia Aerial Adventure zipline course is 2 hours long, and the max height is 80 feet.

The interesting thing about Mount Hermon Adventures zipline is you can rent a GoPro that includes 32 GB memory which you can take with you only for $35.

Below ten years old are not allowed to zipline at Mount Hermon Adventures.

Mount Hermon Adventures zipline course limited weight range is 75 lbs to 250 lbs.

This zipline course is very clean and properly organized. And don’t forget to make a reservation before coming for ziplining.

  • Address: 17 Conference Dr, Felton, California 95018, United States
  • Website:
  • Prices: Redwood Canopy Tour –  $109, Sequoia Aerial Adventure Tour – $89.
  • Contact Number: +1 916-857-4300

14. Mother Lode River Center

mother lode river center
Mother Lode River Center In Lotus, California

Mother Lode River Center was founded in 1974 and served over three hundred thousand guests.

Mother Lode River Center offers the longest zip line on the American River.

With ziplining, Mother Lode River Center also has rope challenges for people of all ages.

Mother Lode River Center has only one zipline course that is 40 feet above the ground, and the speed is 20 miles per hour.

Ziplining participants must be eight years old or older, not less than eight years old, and have a weight limit between 60 to 240 lbs.

Mother Lode River Center zipline cable is 400 feet long and made of quality steel for better safety.

For whitewater rafting, Mother Lode River Center is more popular.

Mother Lode River Center zipline course stays open seasonally, from April to October.

Saturday and Sunday, Mother Lode River Center remains closed, so make schedules accordingly.

  • Address: 6280 CA-49, Lotus, California 95651, United States
  • Website:
  • Prices: Ziplining – $99 Per Person
  • Contact Number: +1 530-626-4187


From the list of best ziplines in California, you need to choose the zipline operator that suits your plan.

Skull Canyon Ziplines and La Jolla Zip Zoom Zipline are the best ziplines in the state of California.

And for bay area ziplining, you can go to Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour, they are very well organized.

Most zipline tour operators are offering rope challenges, sky bridges, and more rope challenge activities that your children are going to like the most.

Before going ziplining, you should make a reservation by calling them.

You must take proper safety procedures to avoid any accidents during ziplining.

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